Lewdes 5mg Tablets




Indications of Lewdes 5mg

Seasonal allergic rhinitis, chronic idiopathic urticaria.

Dosage Adults:

5 mg once daily. Children: 1-6 yr, 1.25 mg once daily; 6-12 yr, 2.5 mg once daily; 12-18 yr, 5 mg once daily.

Advice to Patient

Take with or without meals. Contact prescriber if there is difficulty in breathing, fast heartbeat, muscle-aches, skin rash, itching, constant flu-like symptoms, muscle ache, swelling of lips/ tongue/face/throat. Do not take other depressants, sleep-inducing medications, alcohol without consulting prescriber.

Interactions Alcohol.

Adverse effects Headache, fatigue, dry mouth. Diarrhoea, fever and insomnia in children <2 years.


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