Lavilin Hair Serum 30ml


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Lavilin Hair Serum

Lavilin Hair Serum treats the damaged hair follicle in scalp which result in increased circulation of nutrients for healthier hair growth. Its styling product that coats the surface of your hair with the ingredient that are suitable for hair thickness. Apply the Lavilin Hair serum on damp hair for excess volume and leave hair with a glossy finish. It can also be used for a quick touch-up throughout the day when hair is looking dull.

Direction Of Use:

  1. Before you apply serum, properly clean and dry your hair.
  2. Apply hair serum through nozzle to the affected areas of the scalp you want to treat.
  3. Massage the areas of application for minimum 5 minutes and leaves the haier un-washed for minimum 8 hours (preferable over night)
  4. For best results, apply twice daily or as directed by the physician.




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