Fewnol 100mg Capsule


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Pityriasis versicolor, dermatophytosis. Vulvovaginal candidiasis.


Adults: Take with full meal. Blastomycosis/ Histoplasmosis: 200 mg once daily. Increase by 100 mg if no improvement. Max: 400 mg/day. Aspergillosis: 200-400 mg/day. Life-threatening Infection: Loading Dosage: 200 mg three times daily for 1st 3 day. Continue for minimum 3 mth & until infection subsides. Onychomycosis: Toe nails: 200 mg once daily for 12 wk. Finger nails: 200 mg once daily for 1 wk, stop therapy for 3 wk, then repeat. Oropharyngeal Candidiasis: 200 mg/day for 1-2 wk. Oesophageal Candidiasis: 100-200 mg once daily for minimum 3 wk. Continue for 2 wk after symptoms resolve. Pityriasis versicolor: 200 mg once daily for 7 days. T. corporis and T. cruris: 100 mg once daily for 15 days. T. pedis and T. manuum: 100 mg once daily for 30 days. Vaginal candidosis: 200 mg twice daily for 1


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