Ferti-M 75IU Injection


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Ferti-M 75IU Injection


Ferti-M 75 lu Injection is primarily indicated in conditions like Cryptorchidism (undescended testes), Follicular growth stimulation, Hypogonadotrophic hypogonadism, Male infertility, Superovulation.


Ferti-M 75 lu Injection is contraindicated in conditions like Testicular tumors,Ovarian dysgenesis,Premature menopause, Tubal disease, Testicular failure Pituitary tumor.

Side Effects

The severe or irreversible adverse effects of Ferti-M 75 lu Injectiong which give rise to further complications include Pulmonary edemag Gynacomastia, Thromboembolism. Ferti-M 75 lu Injection produces potentially life-threatening effects which include Ovarian hyperstimulation Syndrome (OHSS). which are responsible for the discontinuation of Ferti-M 75 lu Injection therapy. The Symptomatic adverse reactions produced by Ferti-M 75 lu Injection are more or less tolerable and if they become severe, they can be treated Symptomatically, these include Tiredness, Headache, Fever, Abdominal pain, Weight gaing Fluid retention, Mood swings, Joint pain.


Ferti-M 75 lu Injection should not be given to the pregnant women and use cautiously in the breast-feeding women.




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