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Entox p tablet

Entox-P Tablets can help relieve diarrhea, abdominal cramps, heartburn and nausea. It works by required certain acids and toxins in the stomach and the digestive tract. Entox-P contains Attapulgite as its active element, which is classified as an adsorbent. Entox-P limits the loss of water, thereby decreasing the number of loose bowels. It helps improve the consistency in stool and reduces abdominal pain caused by diarrhea.


Adults: 2-3 bottles daily. Children: 1-2 bottles daily. Infants (Breast feeding infants): 1-2 bottles daily. The liquid in the mini plastic bottle should be taken orally at regular intervals of 3-4 hr during the day. During antibiotic therapy, the dose may be taken between one dose of antibiotic and the next. The medicine is only used for shorter period of time. The contents of the bottle may be taken as it is or diluted with water, or milk or tea or orange juice.

Adverse effects

Rash, urticaria.


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