Drip Set Nipro




Intended For Use

Drip Set Nipro is used to administer fluids from a container to a patient’s vascular system.

  • 1. Prepare I.V. container.STEF .
  • 2. Remove set from pouch and close roller clamps.Stenle with.
  • 3. Remove spike protector from spike.
  • 4. Insert spike into container.
  • 5. Hang container then fill drin chamber by squeezing until approximately hall full .
  • 6. Remove protector from adapter.
  • 7. Open roller clamp(s). Prime set and purge altoClose roller clamps) until roller meets bottom of frame.
  • 8. Attach adapter to venipuncture device.
  • 9. Adjust fluid flow with roller clamp(s) natural.
  • 10. Check maintenance of proper flow rate at regular intervals. NOTES: ‘When adjusting ruiler clamp(s) from Close roller clamp until roller meets bottom of trane, then establisNot malionthen establish flow rateNon-ps.


Single use only.Do not package Keuse may result in infections and allergic reactionscuse may also result in inaccurate flow rates Sterile uniess package has been opened or damaged Do not use if tip protectors are not in place, Replace per CDC guidelines and/or hospital policy Do not allow air to be trapped in se Puncturing drip chamber or tubigaysa Yol for insertion into blood or plasma containers Avoid freezing and excessive heat.


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