Dermofuture Vitamin A Serum


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Dermofuture Vitamin A Serum Indications

Dermofuture Vitamin A Serum (retinol) deficiencies, Dermofuture Vitamin A Serum deficiencies associated with ocular defects (particularly xerophthalmia) and an increased susceptibility to infections.


Adults: Dermofuture Vitamin A Serum  deficiency without corneal changes: 100,000 units daily for 3 days, followed by 50,000 units daily for 2 wk. Severe Dermofuture Vitamin A Serum  deficiency with xerophthalmia: 500,000 units daily for 3 days then 50,000 units daily for 14 days, then 10,000-20,000 units daily for 2 mth.

Children: Dermofuture Vitamin A Serum deficiency: Orally. Neonate, 5000 units daily; 1 mth-1 yr, 5000 units daily with or after food; 1-18 yr, 10,000 units daily with or after food. Higher doses may be used initially for treatment of severe deficiency. Prevention of deficiency in complete biliary obstruction: By IM injection. Neonate, 50, 000 units once a mth; 1 mth-1 yr, 50,000 units once a mth.

Advice to Patient 

Take with meals.


Absorption: Readily absorbed from GI tract. Metabolism: Hepatic. Half-life elimination: 1.9 hrs. Excretion: Urine. Faeces.


Retinoids, cholestyramine resin.

Adverse effects

Irritability, vertigo, lethargy, malaise, fever, headache, drying or cracking of skin, hypercalcaemia, weight loss, visual changes, hypervitaminosis A.


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