COLONOSCOPY SOLUTION 45ML Prep Kit for adults and children? COLONOSCOPY SOLUTION 45ML Prep Kit is an osmotic laxative in colonoscopy in adults. Safety and effectiveness in pediatr When do I take COLONOSCOPY SOLUTION 45ML Prep Kit? COLONOSCOPY SOLUTION 45ML Prep Kit should be used as a split-dose Colonoscopy Solution. The first 45 ml bottle is taken the even is taken the morning of your colonoscopy. It is important to an Instructions for Use. Follow your doctor’s instructions on when to be

start taking Colonoscopy

Bowel NO. Do not eat solid foods while taking COLONOSCOPY SOLUTION 45ML Prep Remember that on the day before your colonoscopy … You may have have nothing for dinner, DO NOT drink milk DO NOT eat or drink anything sed as a split-dose regimen, which means that te is taken the evening before your colonosco PY: ” is important to drink the additional water as ructions on when to begin to take Colonosc hoscopy Bowel Prep Kit? COLONOSCOPY SOLUTION 45ML Prep Kit until


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