Bioderma Sebium 30ml




Bioderma Sebium 30ml Indications

Bioderma Sebium 30mlis indicated in muco-cutane moniiiasis eczema, ano-genital eczema with risk of superficial infections. Bioderma Sebium 30ml cream will have the prefereine, intertrigo, microbial or new-born children, dermo-epidermatitis Vid or running lesions as well as hairy areas. Bioderma Sebium 30ml ointment, because of its emollie , because of its emollie e s, is more indicated for the treatment on gry, cracked or crusted lesions and in squaru ncnenied areas

 Side effects

Allergic contact-reactions have sometimes been encountered after repeated applicauons reactions, which are characterized by the appearance of pruritus or the aggravation of a preexisting, pruritus, are not frequent and require the interruption of the medication.


for use Bioderma Sebium 30ml cream orBioderma Sebium 30ml ointment shouid be applied two to four times daily in a thin laver. A light massage over the whole surface of the skin to be treated favours the penetration of the cream or ointment. The frequency of applications depends on the evolution of the lesions When the infection is deep-seated or in case of lymphangitic reaction, a systemic antibiotherapy will have to be combined to the topical treatment.


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