Winolap Eye Drop 0.1%




Winolap Eye Drop 0.1% is a potent selective antiallergic/ antihistaminic agent. It has multiple distinct mechanisms of action. It antagonises histamine (the primary mediator of allergic response in humans) and prevents histamine induced inflammatory cytokine production by human conjunctival epithelial cells. Data from in vitro studies suggest that it may act on human conjunctival mast cells to inhibit the release of pro-inflammatory mediators. In patients with patent nasolacrimal ducts, topical ocular administration of Winolap Eye Drop 0.1% was suggested to reduce the nasal signs and symptoms that frequently accompany seasonal allergic conjunctivitis. It does not produce a clinically significant change in pupil diameter


Winolap Eye Drop 0.1% is primarily indicated in conditions like Allergic conjunctivitis.


Winolap Eye Drop 0.1% is contraindicated in conditions like Hypersensitivity to any component of product.

Side Effects

The symptomatic adverse reactions produced by Winolap Eye Drop 0.1% are more or less tolerable and if they become severe, they can be treated symptomatically, these include Weakness, Dizziness, Tiredness, Headache, Nausea, Blurred vision, Cough, Asthenia, Dermatitis, Rhinitis, Eye irritation, Photophobia, Dryness of eye, Burning eyes, Eye Pain, Sinusitis, Flu like syndrome, Dryness of nose, Hyperemia, Foreign body sensation, Increased tearing, Lids edema, Infection, Back pain, dizziness, stingling, stingling, Weakness.


Do not instill Winolap Eye Drop 0.1% hydrochloride ophthalmic solution while wearing contact lenses, but to wait for 10 minutes after instillation before inserting contact lenses. Do not touch the eyelids or surrounding areas with the dropper tip of the bottle. It is only for topical use. Winolap Eye Drop 0.1% should be used with caution during lactation. It should not be used to treat contact lens related irritation.




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